Episode 4: Mother Died

11th May 2012

Mother Died: Poster Art

Poster by Marc Schoenbach

From its shocking opening to its jaw dropping finale, the film is our best reviewed and most commercially successful episode yet. The promotion of which was aided by another superb 80's inspired poster from Marc Schoenbach.

11th May 2012

Zombie Skipper groans

On a cold Sunday in West Norfolk, 30 people gathered to be made up by prosthetics masters Millennium FX in order to play the Zombie Horde for Neill Gorton’s directorial debut ‘Mother Died’. We spoke to one of the shambling horde – Martin Skipper – about his experience.

Directed by Neill Gorton

Producer: Ben Franklin and Anthony Melton

Director of Photography: Jonny Franklin

Full cast and crew

***UPDATE*** Brand new Special Edition Presentation

This new cut of the film includes a fresh grade by the super talented Patrick Inhofer (Colorist Flight School), a beautiful new score from Patrick Jonsson, a gut wrenching new sound design/mix and a very special treat from VFX wonder boy – Ryan Thompson.

Earlier in May 2014, Colorist Flight school released a ‘Mother Died Grade Along’, which allowed subscribers to virtually sit down with Patrick Inhofer and be schooled in the dark art of colour correction, taking the film from it’s flat raw state to a fully graded final product.

Bloody Cuts 4th film is a tale of grief, strength and the undead. Prosthetics maestro Neill Gorton makes his directorial debut with Sarah Winter in the lead role and a whole host of zombies created by the Millennium FX team.

Neill Gorton is a filmmaker that has worked with some of the very best talent in the world, so when he expressed interest in directing and writing one of our episodes we knew we were going to end up with something special. For Neill it was officially his directing debut, and for the rest of the team it was a chance for us to delve into a genre we all knew and loved, but with a quite killer twist in tale.

We only auditioned one actress for the lead, and that was the excellent Sarah Winter, whose brilliant audition perfectly captured the character. Casting didn't end there however, as we still needed to find 30 extras for our closing shots. Fortunately we managed to pull a number of local amateur actors in, as well as friends and family, who were all treated to an extensive makeup job courtesy of Millennium FX.

The shoot itself ran brilliantly to time, largely thanks to a well considered schedule from new team member Freddie Smith, as well as Neill's excellent and concise Direction. The combination of Chris Goodman and Natalie Barrett in the Art Department also captured the setting perfectly, best demonstrated by the kitchen scene, complete with boarded windows and rations of food. Talking of food, our catering team had their work cut out, feeding the masses in what was our biggest shoot yet with over 60 cast and crew members.

The Post Production was quite seamless; "Mother Died" was edited and finished in Final Cut X, with VFX built in After Effects. The Special Edition was color corrected and graded using Davinci Resolve.

Trivia: After only 2 hours of the film being online, the team received a surprise email from Stephen Fry, who kindly donated a generous amount of money towards our series.

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