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“D.I. Collins has a suspected serial killer in custody. But there may be more to his crimes than the Detective imagines…”

Born from an equal love of crime and horror cinema, DEATH SCENES is the 7th film in the 13-part Bloody Cuts anthology. It’s the directorial debut of Bloody Cuts head writer Joel Morgan, and stars Robin Berry in the role of enigmatic suspect ‘John’ and Ayden Callaghan as D.I. Collins, a detective with his own secrets to hide.

Produced by Joel Morgan and Ben Franklin, and also featuring actors Charlie Bond, Paul Jibson and Carol Storey, DEATH SCENES can be viewed on our sites video player or on Youtube

DEATH SCENES is the follow-up to the 6th Bloody Cuts film, DEAD MAN’S LAKE, which has been watched more than 25,000 times since its launch in September. Other entries in the Bloody Cuts series include the award-winning SUCKABLOOD, directed by Jake Cuddihy and Ben Tillett, and MOTHER DIED, directed by SFX makeup master Neill Gorton.

Since launching in Summer 2011, the six Bloody Cuts episodes released to-date have been watched more than 250,000 times across Vimeo and YouTube.

Help support Bloody Cuts in making their 8th film ‘Don’t Move’ by pledging to our Kickstarter campaign, with great perks for fans who want to support our brand of UK horror.

Bloody Cuts Death Scenes - designed by Marc Schoenbach

Bloody Cuts Death Scenes - designed by Marc Schoenbach

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December 12th, 2012


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