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We are very proud to release ‘Making Don’t Move’, a detailed look into how we produced the 8th episode in the Bloody Cuts series.

A huge, huge thank you to all involved. We simply could not do any of this without your generosity, genius and general awesomeness.

So, if you’ve got a spare 20 minutes… Be terrified, and then understand why 😉

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June 2nd, 2013

Who doesn’t like numbers?

You like numbers. I like numbers. This guy likes numbers:


When he’s not busy feeding off the lifeblood of our children, he’s teaching them how exciting and informative numbers can be.

And you know what, the exsanguinating old bastard is right. Numbers ROCK.

As it’s been 43 days since “Don’t Move” exploded into the world we thought it was the perfect time to unleash upon you – the unsuspecting (but massively sexy) public – a whole host of amazing numbers associated with “Don’t Move”.

What? Numbers?!

Look, it’s the Bank Holiday weekend (in the UK, anyway) so even we’re allowed to be a bit lazy, okay?

By ‘lazy’ I of course mean ‘working on a dozen top secret projects that we can’t tell you about through pain of death. Or at least a little dismemberment. And maybe some fatal tickling’.

I will, however, tell you one secret.

Gather round. Listen closely…

Episode 9 is going to be a short about a mutant ninja Dinosaur waking up in post-apocalyptic Manchester and having to fight overcloned demonic football fans, who have been holding a thousand year war over something they call “fool-balls”. I wrote it last night and Ben Franklin said – and I quote – “that sounds like total bollocks”.

Which is a compliment, right? Like “Totes amazeballs”?


Apart from that I cannot tell you anything about any forthcoming Bloody Cuts shorts, features, wedding videos, commercials, music videos or Big Brother audition tapes.

These secrets are locked high in the Bloody Cuts towers, jammed in between the jar of eyeballs and that crate full of unspeakable pigeons.

So, instead of secrets, you shall receive facts today. Facts so factual they’d blow the face off David Attenborough if he wasn’t immortal.

Prepare yourself wandering citizen, for below is the list to end all lists.

A list of numbers about “Don’t Move”:

  • 1 Must Live
  • 1st place in the Popcorn Horror ‘Blood Games’ competition held at Texas Frightmare
  • 2 People played the character of Paul (our heart-removed Oujia player). Physically it’s Martin Skipper and vocally he’s played by Ben Tillett.
  • 3 Days on location
  • 3 shots into the film until the Demon does appears. Can you spot him?
  • 4 hours in makeup for Emma Franklin, our skinned lady
  • 5 Must Die
  • 5 – the largest number of deaths in a Bloody Cuts short to date (not counting the 30 zombies in Mother Died! But they were already dead…)
  • 6 terabytes of hard drive space used to store the film.
  • 6 pints – the number of beers drank between director Anthony Melton and special FX producer Kate Walshe before deciding on that “skin rip” death…
  • 8 episodes in Bloody Cuts current series. “Don’t Move” being number 8.
  • 9 litres of fake blood bought (but not all used!)
  • 14 minutes long… “Don’t Move’s” length, according to IMDB
  • 19 minutes long – our forthcoming “Behind the Scenes” film
  • 22.5 hours – the total time actor Ian Whyte spent inside the Demon costume over 2 days
  • 34 lighting variations Bloody Cuts’ DoP Jonny Franklin produced to achieve the right ‘look’ for the film
  • 65 visual effects shots, distributed between 7 people and completed in under 21 days (Woah! Number explosion!)
  • 205 days between “Don’t Move” writer David Scullion introducing himself to Ben Franklin and the Edinburgh premiere of “Don’t Move
  • 405 miles (approx) travelled by team Bloody Cuts from London to Edinburgh, for the “Don’t Move” premiere at the Bootleg Film Festival. Per person. One way.
  • 3,125 English pounds raised in our Kickstarter campaign
  • 26, 727 views on Youtube (so far)
  • 45,200 views on Vimeo (so far)


Totes amazebollocks right?

Now if that didn’t scream BANK HOLIDAY! F*CK YEAH! then I don’t know what does.

Honestly. I don’t.

That’s the best thing that’s happened to me all week.

If the numbers have whetted your appetite for horror, then check out “Don’t Move” again and bolster those ‘views’:

Next time our Blog might be filled with something remotely informative or even interesting (N.B. not a guarantee).

Don’t worry, though, as this isn’t the last “Fun With Numbers” post Bloody Cuts will be doing. You can count on that.


‘Count’ on it?


Like numbers…






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May 27th, 2013

Ian Whyte might not be a familiar name and – until recently – he wasn’t even a familiar face, but Ian has acted in a number of high profile projects and pivotal roles in both television and film.

Remember the gigantic Engineer in Prometheus? That’s him.

The White Walker in the very first episode of Game of Thrones? Ian.

The flame-sworded Reaper in Solomon Kane? Ian.

Think what you will of the much-maligned Alien vs Predator ‘franchise’, we can all at least agree that the Predator is an ice-cold badass. And yep, Ian played him too. Twice.

Often the ‘man in the suit’ is the unsung hero in the world of film and TV, but he’s begun shedding the mask and has recently appeared in Game of Thrones as Ser Gregor Clegane, proving he’s one of the most diverse actors working in the industry.

He is also incredibly tall. We had to say it here. Seriously. He’s 7 foot 1 inch! Yet rather than being an imposing scary bastard he’s – seriously – one of the nicest blokes you could ever meet. Ever. Patient, kind, funny, a total gentleman and a dedicated family man.

As versatile as they come, Ian enjoyed a period as a professional basketball player with a 9 year international career, clocking up 80 caps for England, before hanging up his oversized shirts and moving into a very different career.

Luckily b-ball’s loss was our gain as Ian jumped straight into acting and – after a number of years doing some particularly spectacular work – he very kindly accepted a role in Bloody Cuts’ “Don’t Move“, bringing his immense talent to our eighth episode as the “Demon”.

And he was fantastic.

Fully masked, clawed, and forced to wear a huge black rag that accidentally acted like a giant banana-skin (sorry Ian!), he took the role of the Demon in his (immense) stride, providing an incredibly imposing monster that dominated every moment he was on screen.

We had the pleasure of interviewing Ian about his work on “Don’t Move” and beyond, so sit back, relax, and read what our unmasked Demon has to say…


BLOODY CUTS: Firstly, lets get a little bit of background on you – how did you get started in acting?

IAN WHYTE: Well, you know when actors say, “I was in the right place at the right time!” Or “The phone just rang one day!” Well that’s what happened! The truth is I didn’t really know I wanted to be an actor until I was given an opportunity to be one and I grabbed hold of that opportunity and didn’t let go! That opportunity was Alien Vs. Predator back in 2003 and it was a baptism of fire quite literally!

BC: It’s more than likely that a large percentage of our readers will have seen you in films or TV on more than one occasion, and probably not even realised it! Can you tell us some of the roles that we might have seen you in?

IW: Yes, I am the most unrecognisable actor nobody’s ever heard of! I was the Predator in Alien Vs. Predator and the sequel AVP: Requiem. I have been in two Harry Potter films doubling for Francis De La Tour… (I had lovely frocks!) I played the Devil’s Reaper in a film called Solomon Kane which I always say is the best fantasy film nobody’s ever seen! I was Sheikh Sulieman in Clash of the Titans and I was the Engineer in Ridley Scott’s Prometheus… amongst others!

BC: And out of those, who has been your favourite character to play and why?

IW: Well, they all mean a great deal to me for different reasons. The Predator is one of the most iconic characters of Sci-Fi ever conceived and it was my first film. Being in a Harry Potter film surrounded by denizens of film and theatre was just a magnificent experience and a great way to learn on the job! The Engineer was a figment of Ridley Scott’s imagination for over 30 years, to finally bring that to life was an absolute honour. But if you put a gun to my head and say: “Choose ONE” I would have to say the Wolf in AVP: Requiem. The film was cooly received that must be said, but I put so much work into preparing for that role and had so much more of opportunity to explore its character… I’m still quite proud of it!

BC: You’re currently playing Gregor Clegane (and the White Walker!) in Game of Thrones. What’s it been like to be in such a highly regarded and popular TV show?

IW: I’m actually playing “The Giant” in season 3 (episode 1) and I do hope we get to see more of him, he really was an awesome character to play and ironically, the first time I’ve actually played a PROPER giant! George R.R. Martin has created such a vast and wonderfully diverse stage for actors, so it’s an absolute privilege to be a part of something that is proving to be so popular and is so lovingly adapted from its source.

BC: Onto Bloody Cuts, and your starring role in “Don’t Move”. What first attracted you to the project?

IW: Quite simply I love playing this sort of character. As an actor you can watch people getting on the bus, or having a coffee, or walking down the street, but you can’t watch a demon eviscerating a helpless victim. That you have to make up, so I love the creative process involved in just inventing this sort of reality.

BC: Your performance in “Don’t Move” is so well played that it’s easy to forget there’s a human under all of that monster makeup! How long did it take you to work out the movement and physical performance of the character?

IW: That’s the trick isn’t it; convincing the audience that you’re not an actor! When a character is so well defined by it’s look, you never really know how it’s going to play until you get in full costume for the first time. I had a basic set of criteria that I wanted to use based on other characters that I have played, but it really comes down to the moment you are there doing it with the other actors, on location… being inventive.

BC: What’s it like wearing prosthetic makeup, it must be quite an endurance test?

IW: Well, yes, it is, but it’s something that you get used to and really, the only thing you should be concerned about is delivering a performance for the director. After all, it’s not the makeup or the costume that’s telling me how to act.

BC: What’s your favourite memory from the shoot itself?

IW: I actually made a lot of new friends on the shoot and reconnected with a few old ones which was great.

BC: Cliff Wallace is a bit of a legend in makeup, what was it like to work with him and what did you think when you first saw his design of the Demon?

IW: Cliff was great! I first saw his design about a week before the shoot, I thought it had a beautiful simplicity… absolutely not the sort of thing you’d want to find lurking in the shadows of your own house!

BC: If there was a “Don’t Move 2” or a “Don’t Move” feature – would you be interested in putting on the Demon makeup again?

IW: HELL YEAH!… is there?

BC: No comment! Finally, we know you’re a very busy man, so what do you have planned over the coming months and what else might we be seeing you in?

IW: I’m off to parts foreign very soon to begin shooting a studio feature… very exciting stuff!

BC: Good luck with that – we look forward to seeing it!


For more information on Ian Whyte check out his website HERE, have a gander as his impressive filmography HERE and socially appreciate him on Twitter HERE.

And, if you haven’t seen it (where’ve you been?!) check him out in Bloody Cuts episode 8 “Don’t Move” below:

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May 18th, 2013

‘Don’t Move’ won!

For those who aren’t aware, ‘Don’t Move’ was one of three finalists in the Popcorn Horror ‘Blood Games’ competition held at the Texas Frightmare convention.

Voted in second by the public vote – damn those cheeky public-people! – ‘Don’t Move’ was subsequently screened at the Texas Frightmare convention, alongside first place ‘Blood Roulette’ and third place ‘Twinkle Toes’.

Bloody Cuts - Don't Move at Frightmare

These three game-based horror shorts were watched by a horror-loving crowd in Texas, which included ‘Queen of the Cyber-Goths’ Gabrielle Faust.

Miss Faust was also the Judge and Jury (and possible executioner) for Popcorn Horror, there to decide which short would be crowned the victor of the Popcorn Horror ‘Blood Games’ competition.

We waited. We bit our nails. We prayed to a goat-headed deity called Mr Bobbinsack.

And we won.

We freakin’ WON!

Gabrielle Faust first broke the news over at the Texas Frightmare Facebook page. Rather than paraphrase her beautiful words, we’ve cut ‘n’ pasted them in all their enthusiastic glory below:


“And the winner of the BLOOD GAMES short horror film competition is…. “DON’T MOVE” by BloodCuts!!!

Congratulations to BloodyCuts, as well as all of our finalists! YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!!!

And thank you to Evil Jester Press and Popcorn Horror for all of their hard work organizing and promoting this film contest! Let’s do this again next year! Cheers!

Check out “DON’T MOVE” and the other finalist films at http://www.popcornhorror.com/bloodgames”


This was also confirmed on the Popcorn Horror Facebook page:


“We are very pleased to announce that the final winner of our Blood Game’s competition is Bloody Cut’s Don’t Move! Massive congratulations to everyone involved with Bloody Cuts.

Thank you also to everyone who submitted films, promoted the competition and voted, as well as our partners Gabrielle Faust, Evil Jester Press and Texas Frightmare Weekend”


When asked his thoughts on this superbness, ‘Don’t Move’ director Anthony Melton said:


Wow! I received the news that “Don’t Move” had won the Blood Games short film competition earlier today and I’ve been grinning from ear to ear ever since. I am so pleased for the whole of the Bloody Cuts team as winning this competition is a public recognition of all the hard work and generosity that went into making “Don’t Move” a reality.”

Anthony Melton

Anthony continues: “Big thanks to “Popcorn Horror” and “Frightmare” for allowing us the exposure at such a prestigious event and further thanks go to everyone who voted the film into the final 3 of the competition. Last and most definitely not least, huge respect goes to our Kickstarters and Contributors. Your support makes Bloody Cuts possible, we are very happy that you are enjoying the series. BE TERRIFIED.”


Fine words from a damn fine man.

A truly spectacular result and an absolute honour.

To celebrate, watch it again:

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May 5th, 2013

Bloody Cuts - Don't Move at Frightmare

If you happen to be in Texas this weekend why not pop on by to Frightmare, one for the US’s most prestigious horror festivals.

Amongst a boiling cauldron of events, screenings and panels, you’ll find none other than Bloody Cuts’ own “Don’t Move” playing in the “Popcorn Horror” short film programme.

I’d like to offer many thanks to Popcorn Horror for affording us the opportunity to take part in the Blood Games competition, and bow down in evil ceremony to Frightmare for showing episode 8 of the Bloody Cuts series.

Be Terrified.

If you cant make it… then watch “Don’t Move” right here.

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May 3rd, 2013

Second the best!

That’s the schoolyard chant we’re going to clutch onto after ‘Don’t Move’ came second in the Popcorn Horror Blood Games competition.

Boo hiss etc… I know, I know, but we’re okay. Anthony’s not come out of his dungeon yet and Ben is still sacrificing goats in an attempt to reverse time, but unfortunately we’re not wearing our winning pants today. Or any pants, for that matter.

The first place beat us by a good few votes, which were generated by ‘likes’ via the book of Faces.

You should check out the winning short HERE

We won’t reveal why it’s called Blood Roulette, but it’s definitely a game Basildon Casino won’t be emulating soon…

Naturally we’re disappointed ‘Don’t Move’ didn’t win the public vote (I blame Simon Cowell), but we can only presume we lost because all of our friends actually hate us….

…or that Blood Roulette is a better film than ‘Don’t Move’. Let us know your thoughts on that – drop us an e-mail at hello@bloodycuts.co.uk or smack some love / hate over to Twitter @BloodyCutsFilms

So, what does coming second place in Popcorn Horror’s awesome competition actually mean? It means something pretty freakin’ awesome is what.

‘Don’t Move’ is now officially part of the Texas Frightmare convention this coming weekend.

What’s Texas Frightmare?

You don’t know? For shame! 50 lashes and a chainsaw up the jacksy. Fair punishment for such horroring ignorance.

It’s South-West America’s premier horror convention, held annually in Dallas, and delivers a host of films, workshops, talks and photo ops with all your horror favourites.


Seriously, though, it looks absolutely ace and our brutal little short will be mixing with the likes of Ben Wheatley’s (fantastic) Sightseers, Neil Jordan’s Byzantium, talks from the cast of Pet Cemetery, Lords of Salem & The Frighteners and appearances from people like Tom Savini, Jeffrey Combs, Stuart Gordon, Danny Trejo and the Busey family… in a ‘talk’ called “Busey vs Busey”. I’m not even joking. Jake vs Gary. Expect insanity!

Check out full details HERE

So, will anyone from Bloody Cuts be in attendance at Texas Frightmare?

Do you own a teleporter? No? Then probably not…

Unfortunately BC Towers is located in a small space-rift between Norfolk and London and this tear in the universe doesn’t quite reach Texas. We have chainsaws, we’re willing to massacre, but unfortunately our lack of Texas spoils everything once more.

Maybe next year?

We’re incredibly proud of ‘Don’t Move’ and even prouder to have it shown at such a prestigious horror convention.

Our thanks go out to the 782 Facebook friends who helped generate enough support to get Episode 8 to Texas and also to those who shared, e-mailed and shoved this competition under the noses of friends, family, strangers and deadly enemies. Thank you!

On an even potentially-awesomer note (yes, ‘potentially-awesomer’ – copyright Scullion 2013) the Popcorn Horror Blood Games showcase will be judged by Gabrielle Faust and she – oh Queen of the cyber Goths – will choose which short out of ‘Blood Roulette’, ‘Don’t Move’ and ‘Twinkle Toes’ is crowned king of Blood Games. How cool is that?

Let’s hope Gabrielle Faust digs ‘Don’t Move’ as much as we do!

Although if we’re crowned runners-up (we do get a crown, right?!) then that’s cool too. Because second’s the best, right?


For more news, reviews and updates about ‘Don’t Move’, please check out our Facebook page HERE, which is jam-packed full of exclusive images, links and all manner of bloody goodness!

Oh, and one final thing:

This weekend, if you’re in Texas, go to Frightmare.

It looks f*cking amazing.

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May 1st, 2013

Anthony, Ben and Jonny chat with Ryan Connolly for FIlm Riot Mondays…

Bloody Cuts vs. Film Riot

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April 30th, 2013

Bloody Cuts’ newest film “Don’t Move” has been entered in the Popcorn Horror Blood Games competition, for a chance to win some cash that we’ll put into a new episode and free admission (for Don’t Move) into the prestigious Texas Frightmare festival line-up.

Here’s the link or click on the image below… All you have to do is simply click on the like button below the film. (Bottom Middle)

Don't Move - Popcorn Horror

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April 22nd, 2013

What a week!

When we unleashed the brutal delights of ‘Don’t Move’ we didn’t expect the amazing reaction we have received from all corners of the ‘verse (horroverse, not universe – it’s slightly smaller, but a lot more fun).

For those that don’t know and who may have stumbled upon this Blog post by accident (looking for somewhere selling really bloody cuts of ham?) then ‘Don’t Move’ is the eighth episode in our anthology of horror shorts, released on Monday 15th April.

Haven’t seen it yet? Watch it below…

One week later and it’s spread across the globe like a really bloody virus… although it’s not infectious. Or deadly. But it might make you cry. Or vomit, if you blow chunks at the sight of blood, death or ancient evil.

In the tradition of self-congratulation and a final attempt to prove to you (our awesome audience) that we do – in fact – totally kick ass, we have compiled a little list of our favourite reactions to the release of our short… and a couple of baffling ones.

We will split them into two exciting categories:

1.) Reviews
2.) The vox-popping reactions from Facebook, Twitter, email and carrier pigeon.

Here goes…





“Writer David Scullion and director Anthony Melton achingly squeeze out all the angst that comes along with watching characters unable to move, but there’s nothing inert about the plot as supposed friends use some clever tricks to get each other to shuffle off their mortal coil.”

Full review HERE


“Don’t Move is heart-stoppingly tense and frightening, and I just thank the lord it’s only a few minutes long, I don’t think my heart could take any more”

They also said the funniest thing we’ve heard so far about our demonic entity: “Think if Lost’s Smoke Monster and Pan’s Pale Man had a baby, this would be the result.”

Full review HERE


“The performances are unanimously excellent, with the talented cast managing to convey the requite sense of imperilment without actually being able to move (no mean feat). They’re all good, but top-billed Rachel Bright is a particular standout.”

Full review HERE


“The sound effects were really creepy and gross. The makeup was awesome. The story is short and sweet… Although, I wouldn’t mind a full length feature film of something like this.”

Full review HERE


“Those twisted geniuses over at Bloody Cuts have gone and done it again, the eighth entry in their anthology series has just been released online and consider my socks officially blown off.”

Full review HERE


We were also honoured to be chosen as the short of the week at www.shortoftheweek.com, who said:

“Too often, horror movies are about the chase—the dashing escape from the crazed lunatic with a chainsaw. But, what about a scenario where you can’t run at all? Fleeing isn’t an option, and for some reason, that makes things creepier. It’s just you, your shaking body, and a demon thirsty for blood. As you can imagine, the resulting tension is palpable.”

Full review HERE 




Below is a very small sample of the reactions from you, the wonderful people of the world. In no particular order and plucked randomly from the interweb, here is a bunch of really lovely stuff you kind people have uttered at us.

The grammar and spelling hasn’t been changed as everything has been shamelessly copy and pasted from Twitter , Facebook & Youbtube, so don’t beat us to death with a dictionary.

May include SPOILERS:

Andy Nyman:

“Just watched it. Perfect way to start a Sunday. Really enjoyed it”

Richard Sandling:

“It is Great! It is also really bloody & horrible.”

Riccardo Servini:

“Best ep of @BloodyCutsFilms so far!”

Wendy C:

“Started to watch “Don’t Move” but too scared … my heart was pounding & eyes watering… will have to watch it in daylight”

Aquiles González:

“Really frightening!!! Don´t Move is pure Evil!!”

Cassandra Bond:

“just simply amazing well done guys #DontMove is superb!!!!”

Mario Sibilia:

Anybody that’s serious about horror really needs to check out Dont move by @BloodyCutsFilms. A truly scary work of art. Well done guys

Steven Mitchell:

“love the creature design by @Millennium_FX. Wouldn’t look out of place in pans labyrinth”

Mark Kenna:

“Fantastic stuff guys! Thought I’d just a watch the start & I was hooked all the way through.”

Doug Tilley:

“Had a chance to really sit down and enjoy @BloodyCutsFilms latest short DON’T MOVE, and it’s really quite brilliant.”

Brett Gerry:

“@BloodyCutsFilms does it again! Best monster movie since Harryhausen’s Medusa”

Chelsey Burdon:

“Fan-fucking-tastic guys! You’ve really mastered short-horror. Great job!”

Jennifer Boyd:

“You guys rock! That was awesome!”

Hugh Sweeney:

“Magnificent film guys, really liked the concept behind this episode. The ‘demon’ was superbly done and editing / colouring / camerawork as stunning as always. A masterpiece that’d easily lend itself to a feature film.”

Alexander Black:

“Moral of the story: sleeping when scary demons appear may actually save your life…”

And perhaps our most random response, from the director of Hitman, Frontier(s) and The Divide:

Xavier Gens:


Yes, fun indeed!


Don’t Move’ reached so many people that it even got stolen and put on a torrent site!

Yes, our free film was torrented, so people can watch our film for free… which you can do already… in about ten places…! Nice one pirates. You stole a free sample.

Many many thanks to everyone who has supported ‘Don’t Move’ before, during and after it’s production.

Thanks to everyone who jumped on Facebook and Twitter and screamed about it, sharing links, retweeting videos and generally being insanely-kind about our short but evil little horror.

Only one week in and ‘Don’t Move’ has been viewed by over 3,600 people on Youtube. Admittedly 2,782 of those hits are from Anthony, but still… it’s a stunning number! Hope everyone loved it!

We’ve also had the honour of being placed in the final 6 of the Popcorn Horror competition. If you’ve got a second (and a Facebook account) then please scoot along to this link and vote for ‘Don’t Move’:



That’s it.

Back-patting self-love over with.

Now onto Episode 9…

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April 21st, 2013

Don't Move is Live

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April 15th, 2013
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