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This Valentine’s Day, we’ve sent out a bloody gift to lovers of Horror and believers in terror as we release ‘The Outer Darkness’.

‘The Outer Darkness’ is Part 1 of a new web series from the creators of Bloody Cuts – Producers and Directors Ben Franklin and Anthony Melton, Screenwriter Joel Morgan and Director of Photography Jonny Franklin.

“On Friday evenings in Lynnsmouth Community Centre, meets a group led by Father Jonathan Crowe. Together they share their stories – tales of strange occurrences, horrific events and bizarre encounters that have scarred their lives. Tonight, a young tormented woman called Jenny will share a story of her experience with a game of chance that sealed the fate of her family…”

Part 1 of this new series stars the wonderful talents of Isla Carter, Tom Geoffrey, Antony Edridge, Anita Booth, Darren Kent, Ross Mullan and Jonny Philips.We’ve also teamed up with industry leaders Kessler to not only create a new slice of horror, but also a series of behind the scenes documentaries entitled ‘From Script to Scream’ that show the process behind making a short horror film.

The first episode of ‘The Outer Darkness’ can be viewed right here for free on the official website or – along with our previous work – on the Bloody Cuts YouTube and Vimeo channels.

Please also follow ‘The Outer Darkness’ on Twitter @faithindarkness and please ‘Like’ our Facebook page for latest news.

Finally you can watch ‘From Script to Scream’, the 7 part series of behind the scenes documentaries covering the making of this short film at KesslerU.

Are you ready to discover what horrors lurk in The Outer Darkness?

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February 14th, 2015

Those corrupters of content over at The Outer Darkness have released their latest episode of ‘From Script to Scream': An episodic documentary tracking the production of the latest film from the creators of Bloody Cuts. Watch the Ep here:

“They’ve released 4 episodes so far which can be viewed over at Kessler University, an awesome site that budding filmmakers would do well in checking out… Slide on over there and explore the other great content from the good folks at Kessler…”

The next episode peers into the malevolent workings of post production… BELIEVE IN HORROR


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December 4th, 2014

December 2nd, 2014


Mother Died: Special Edition

The burnt husk of house rests in the wake of an apocalypse. The air is still, the ground covered in ash. Nothing lives, nothing moves…

But something is scratching beneath the rubble, moaning, clawing at a memory, a memory of a mother… A mother who died. Do you remember?

Eh hem… anyways…

Mother Died: Special Edition

As the season of goodwill and all things festive approaches, we wanted to offer our loyal followers this early gift to get you in the mood for the holidays.

So tear off the blood soaked wrapping paper and gorge yourselves on this very special edition of Mother Died; the fourth episode from Bloody Cuts.

Team BC have been working very hard to bring you a brand new presentation of Mother Died, directed by Neill Gorton and produced by Ben Franklin and Anthony Melton.

Mother Died: Special Edition

This new cut of the film includes a fresh grade by the super talented Patrick Inhofer (Colorist Flight School), a beautiful new score from Patrick Jonsson and a very special treat from VFX wonder boy – Ryan Thompson.

Earlier in May 2014, Colorist Flight school released a ‘Mother Died Grade Along’, which allowed subscribers to virtually sit down with Patrick Inhofer and be schooled in the dark art of colour correction, taking the film from it’s flat raw state to a fully graded final product.

Mother Died: Special Edition

Check out the Tao of Color / Colorist Flight School website for more information, it’s a unique resource for not just folks wanting to become a colourist, but all breeds of film makers interested in making their films look amazing.

Mother Died: Special Edition

If you liked Mother Died, be sure to check out all of the other films available right here on Bloodycuts.co.uk

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December 2nd, 2014

Evil seasons greetings to all disciples of Horror… Here in the echoing halls of the Bloody Cuts towers we unleash a banshee howl to wish you all the very best of Halloween’s tidings.

And what more, we bring you such sights from the very deepest recesses of ‘The Outer Darkness‘.

The creators of Bloody Cuts promised you treats, so feast your hungry fangs into these two beauties:

First up the latest episode of ‘From Script to Scream’, the episodic documentary tracking the production of ‘The Outer Darkness‘; The upcoming film from the the demented minds that brought you Bloody Cuts and their sponsor Kessler University

And the second is the first official teaser trailer for the aforementioned film….

The Outer Darknes - Coming soon

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October 31st, 2014

Hey Horror Hounds… Just a quick update from out friends over at theouterdarkness.co.uk -

“Getting fired up for Halloween? Need something to tide you over? Then check out our episodic documentary tracking the production of The Outer Darkness – today!!! From Script to Scream is made in partnership with Kessler University and will be released every month (ish)…

We’ve released two episodes so far which can be viewed over at Kessler University, an awesome site that budding filmmakers would do well in checking out… Slide on over there and explore the other great content from the good folks at Kessler…”

From Script to Scream

Next episode – The Shoot: Phase One, coming very, very soon… and possibly something else rather tantalising… Keep your eyes peeled and your face flayed..

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October 22nd, 2014

Be prepared for a NEW HORROR from the demented minds that brought you Bloody Cuts. Check out the official website NOW before the darkness get’s you.

‘The Outer Darkness’ will be produced and directed by Ben Franklin and Anthony Melton, is written by Joel Morgan and will once again see Jonny Franklin as director of photography. The team will be periodically updating you with exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, blog posts and images as ‘The Outer Darkness’ comes to life in collaboration with Kessler University.

Over the next few months a series of episodes of “The Outer Darkness: From Script to Scream” will be released for free by Kessler on the Kessler University website, with the short film itself also coming very, very soon.

So keep your eyes and face peeled for news, updates and exclusive content on the official Kessler University website as the creators of Bloody Cuts reveal morbidly fresh and horrifying short tales of terror –  be sure to follow ‘The Outer Darkness’ on Twitter as @faithindarkness and their Facebook page.

What lurks in ‘The Outer Darkness’? Keep following us to find out…

The Outer Darkness

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August 4th, 2014



We are offering up this limited edition A2 Suckablood poster as a last chance to pick up some Bloody Cuts merchandise.

Visit the Ebay page to buy yours today, now, right now, momentarily and for all of time…

This signed piece of exclusive memorabilia was printed just before Christmas 2012 and was scrawled upon in a nefarious manner by most of the cast and crew of the eight episodes in the Bloody Cuts series.

There are 4 of these left in existence and we’re letting them go today. Last chance to own some rare Bloody Cuts swag!!!

As an added bonus we are offering the buyer a chance to have their name added to the ‘Contributors’ page of the Bloody Cuts website, and whilst we’re not making any more episodes the BC site has no intention of shifting off of this mortal coil anytime soon.


  • Size: A2 ~ 420 x 594 mm ~ 16.5 x 23.4 in
  • Print: High Quality, Coated Silk
  • Additional Features: Signed by Most of the Cast and Crew
  • Limited Edition: This is one of ten signed at the Bloody Cuts Christmas party 2012
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July 17th, 2014

We might not be making any more Bloody Cuts episodes, but that’s no reason for folks to stop enjoying the spine scratching frights, bites and dastardly sights available for free on this website, all over YouTube and still playing at festivals worldwide.

And lo… let it be said… That Don’t Move is playing at this years’ FilmQuest over the pond in Salt Lake City, and what’s more, it’s up for three awards n’all.

“FilmQuest is a festival of films within the Fantastic genres of filmmaking such as fantasy, horror, sci-fi, etc. It has been designed specifically to cater to the empowerment of the filmmaker through various events, awards, swag, connections, and more.”

Whilst we won’t be in attendance we hope that everyone at the festival has an absolute blast, and that this very tidy festival is full to the brimming breaches of all manner of Genre maniacs.

Check out the FANTASTIC website for FilmQuest here.

And watch the trail here:

Don't Move at Film Quest


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June 30th, 2014

Dear fans of Bloody Cuts,

Anthony, Jonny and Ben unfortunately have to announce with very heavy hearts that we will no longer be making Bloody Cuts episodes.

All good things, must come to an end...

It’s been a tough decision, but for numerous reasons we felt that it was right for the series to end in its current format. Since the release of our eighth film “Don’t Move”, we’ve been working on other exciting projects that for one reason or another has taken us away from the Bloody Cuts series, and rather than see it die a slow death, we felt it better to end the series.

A lot of hard work has gone into getting the series it is today, but it’s the support of our viewers that has really kept it going, so we want to thank you all for following, watching, sharing and enjoying our films.

But as our YouTube channel is about to break the 1 million mark, we just wanted to remind you of some of the things Bloody Cuts has achieved:

  • We released 9 short films (including “Dare”)
  • We created one of the biggest short filmmaking competitions of its type with BCHorrorChallenge.com
  • We entered over 30 festivals worldwide
  • Well over 1.5 million views online
  • Released and sold out an entire order of limited edition Blu-rays
  • We won awards at Texas Frightmare, Bootleg and FilmSkillet film festivals
  • And much, much more…

Making Bloody Cuts has literally changed our lives. It’s been (and we don’t use this word lightly) AMAZING.

However this isn’t the last project we’ll work on, or indeed the last thing much of the team will work on together. So as new projects and films develop, we’ll still be using this website, our Facebook Page, Twitter account and YouTube channel to let you all know what’s going on. Many of the Bloody Cuts team members are also working on projects of their own, which we’ll want to share with you.

For the next few weeks bloodycuts.co.uk will remain live in its current state hosting all of our legacy content, although there will be a slight reshuffle in the not too distant future so do expect the site to take on a new spectral form.

So THANK YOU, to each and every person that has ever given their time to support Bloody Cuts. It is, and always has been, something born of collaboration and great talent.

Not many filmmakers could’ve achieved what our team has with such limited budgets and in such a short amount of time; this is nothing but a true testament to the hard work and generosity of all involved.

So we hope that you’ll all join us in raising a glass to Bloody Cuts, and to the future too.

As that era ends, another one begins – we look forward to our next filmmaking adventure and hope you’ll be able to join that with us too.

Kindest regards,

Ben, Anthony and Jonny (and the rest of the Bloody Cuts team)

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June 11th, 2014

Bloody Cuts producers Anthony Melton and Ben Franklin recently got involved with the National Film and Television School (NFTS) in the UK, helping students on their Digital FX course to make a special effects driven short film.

Here’s the final result, a little piece called “Escape Zero” that Ben and Anthony took directing duties on. The film was also made with Millennium FX on awesome SFX duties as ever!

We hope you find it a fun pulpy and quite gory love letter to Sci-Fi and Alien flicks…

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June 4th, 2014
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