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March 6th, 2013

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Thank You

We delivered our thanks on Twitter and on Facebook. We added names to our coveted list of contributors on our website, permanently etched in cyber-stone. We even thanked some people in person (sometimes whispering to them in their sleep. Yep. We know where you live).

But we wanted to thank you again.

I’m David Scullion, the writer of “Don’t Move”, and yesterday I slapped up a post on my personal Blog thanking every awesome, beautiful person who helped fund our Kickstarter campaign for “Don’t Move”.

Check out that individual statement of ingratiating gratitude HERE

Now, unless you stalk me on Twitter or Facebook or accidentally found my Blog when looking for Irish international football star David Scullion, then that ‘thank you’ probably didn’t reach you.

In fact, according to my unique hits it reached a massive audience of 17 people. Boom! I am as popular as Daphne & Celeste. Remember them? Exactly.

Now I’ve been handed the reins of “Blogger in Chief” at Bloody Cuts towers – a mantle passed by the awesome Paul Martin – I thought it was pertinent to splurge my utmost thanks all over the place.

So yes, expect self-plagiarism on a massive scale. I fully intend to sue myself.

But this thank you doesn’t just come from me. This is a thank you generated by dozens of people. Dozens of people proud to wear the Bloody Cuts t-shirt. Dozens of film fans, horror lovers and creative geniuses. From Ben Franklin and Anthony Melton.

This is a thank you from Bloody Cuts.

Don't Move - Bloody Cuts - Coming Soon

Photography by Freddie Smith

Don’t Move” has been filmed, edited and now is in VFX / SFX / score stage. It’s almost ready to show the world.

But it couldn’t have been made without money.


We couldn’t have afforded the location, the equipment hire, the special effects (which are phenomenal – merci beaucop Millennium FX and Cliff Wallace!), the sound design, the travel… everything, basically.

In December we began a Kickstarter campaign to raise £2500 in order to create our eighth horror short and the response was amazing.

Within the allotted month we smashed the target, hitting 125% of our intended budget – a whopping £3,125.

Now this list of wonderful contributors will appear on the credits of the short film but we also wanted to deliver our thanks in the shape of a Blog Post on the official Bloody Cuts website, with more words than just ‘Special Thanks To’ or ‘Contributors’ to deliver our gratitude.

We love you. Not in a “call me up and we’ll get jiggy with it’” kind of way, but an affection based on your generosity and support. Like a family member, except you can’t borrow our car.

You rock.

So, are you ready for the list? In surname order? Are you prepared for NAMES?


Then here goes. The fantastic contributors to the “Don’t Move” funding campaign are:

Paul Arends
Martin Ayling
Leaf Beinbridge
Robin Berry
Chelsey Burdon
Wendy Callaghan
Chris Carter
Shaun Carter
Ben Chapman
Cara Clarke
Tom Corrigan
Thomas Crittenden
Adam Dickens
Andrew Dobell
Brendan & Lo Dodds
Jobel Fajardo
Nicola Fenton
Jonny Franklin
Robert A Franklin
Christopher Goodman
Matt Goodworth
Jay Hall
Mitch Harrod
Boston Haverland
Kim Hirst
Blair Hoyle
David Hughes
Jan Ove Jacobsen
Ben Jacobson
Adam Jewitt
Zachary Judge
Sophie Lee
Chris Lyons
John Mangino
Jeremy Marshall
Mac McSharry
Francis Melton
Michael Mensah-Bonsu
Steven Mitchell
Chris Morrissey
Paul Murphy
Ash Newman
Vincent Noinville
Lewis Osborne
Neil Patrick
Stef Pause
Darren Payne
Kevin Pritchett
David Puckridge
Keith Sammels
Freddie Sandilands
Andrew, Sally & Holly Scullion
George Scullion
Jo Scullion
Pat Scullion
Alan Simmons
Martin Skipper
Freddie Smith
Karen Spencer
Kris Talikowski
Jess Taylor
Martin Unsworth
Jason van Niekerk
Kate Walshe
James Webber
Catriona Whitefield
Lee Williams
Trev Williams
Richard Wood

That was exciting, wasn’t it? Who doesn’t love a long list of names?

So we would like deliver HUGE thanks to everyone who contributed to “Don’t Move” – every single penny has been used (and is currently still being used in VFX / sound etc…) and slapped on screen to make one of the slickest, bloodiest and nerve-shreddingly tense horror shorts ever made.

Bold statement? Yes, but then we’ve seen it…

What we have so far is astounding. It’s by far our most ambitious project and it’s certainly going to get a reaction from Horror fans… and hopefully The Daily Mail will try and ban it. Damn this sick filth we’re peddling.

We would also like to thank those poor penniless folks who re-tweeted, shared and generally encouraged people to chuck money into this little short film, even if they couldn’t afford to contribute themselves.

Your support of Bloody Cuts is never taken for granted. Every time you tell someone about us or share the love it makes a positive impact.

Thank you – you also rock. Hard.

Months and months of preparation combined with your support and the awesome Kickstarter contributors has ensured “Don’t Move” has got to this point.

On March 23rd we’ll be heading up to Edinburgh to unleash Episode 8 upon an eager audience at the Edinburgh Bootleg Film Festival alongside our other 7 slices of terror.

The official release date of Don’t Move is a closely guarded secret, locked up in a coffin in Anthony Melton’s dungeon. Only he has the key, and you don’t want to know where he keeps it….

Watch this space for details!

Don't Move Banner - Summoning Soon!

So, from everyone at Bloody Cuts and everyone even remotely involved in the creation of “Don’t Move” we have one thing to say. It’s something we’ve said before and will say again, but we mean every single syllable of it:


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March 6th, 2013


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