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December 7th, 2012


Funding Bloody Cuts

We recently announced that the eighth Bloody Cuts film will be Don’t Move, written by David Scullion and directed by Anthony Melton. That film will be going before the cameras in early 2013, and with preproduction already underway, here’s a word from Bloody Cuts series creator Ben Franklin about its funding. Pay attention too, because you’re going to get an opportunity to get involved…

“When Bloody Cuts began our intentions were to make high production value short films that could be filmed in a small amount of time, for a very low budget, and released online for free. The hope was that we’d be able to build a community around an exciting online series, which would demonstrate our passion for horror films and moviemaking.

Fundamentally we want to entertain an audience, and demonstrate that British horror is still some of the best in the world, and hopefully inspire other filmmakers to want to do the same.

The films we produce, compared to many others on a similar scale, are produced somewhat inexpensively. So far we’ve produced the series for under £10,000, whereas a single short film made by other filmmakers might sometimes cost four or five times that. Much of that is due to generous friends, sponsors and companies who have kindly lent us their equipment and talents, for very little in return. We’re truly thankful for those opportunities given and Bloody Cuts would be nothing were it not for everyone that has helped us out at some stage.

But we’re now crossing the halfway point in what we’re doing, and we’re all out of money. Because even when you make films as cheaply as ours, there’s still some costs associated with it that are completely unavoidable. So in order to make Episode 8, we are calling upon everyone that has ever watched one of our films, to get behind us and help us raise some cash.

Earlier on in the series when our work was much less well known, we ran an IndieGoGo campaign in order to try and raise $20,000 to help fund the entire 13 films. Even then, that seemed overambitious, and we only just made 10% of our target. However the donations we did receive have gone entirely into making the films you’ve seen so far, but of course that only goes so far.

We have every intention of honoring our previous campaign, and it was a difficult decision to make as to whether we attempt another crowd funding campaign, or look elsewhere, but we really aren’t asking or expecting the same people to donate again.

But there is an ethos within our filmmaking team that we should maintain the DIY attitude that’s been there from the beginning, and rather than jumping through hoops for a funding body, we’d like go it alone and try and do it ourselves – with YOUR help.

So on Sunday 9th December, following the release of “Death Scenes”, we’ll be launching a new campaign on Kickstarter UK to raise £2,500 to pay for our next film “Don’t Move”. We truly believe this can be an amazing entry into our series, with an incredible Millennium FX creation that will surpass anything seen before in Bloody Cuts. This is going to be a thrilling film, where we’ll be raising our game in every area in order to ensure your money will be well spent.

We’d love it if you could all help us make that happen. So if we’ve ever entertained you with one of our films, please get behind us, and help us to reach our target. We know Xmas is an expensive time of year, but if you have a few pounds left over from your shopping, and can pass it our way, you’d be truly helping to keep what we’re doing alive. And if you don’t have any spare cash, you can help us simply by sharing on Facebook, Twitter, by email or simply just via word of mouth.

We’re sorry to have to ask you to dig into your pockets again, but every single penny we receive will be injected straight back into the Bloody Cuts filmmaking machine and we plan to deliver an amazing film in return.”

Bloody Cuts - Episode 8: Don't Move

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December 7th, 2012


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