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Anyone who knows horror should know of Count Gore de Vol. If you don’t, then you don’t know horror. Or you do know horror, but you just don’t know Count Gore de Vol

…but you should. Naughty you. Do some research and feel deep, unscrubbable shame.

Count Gore de Vol is a horror host who’s been working in the industry long before most of the Bloody Cuts’ were even a glimmer in our daddy’s penis.

He originally appeared on TV in 1973 (as M. T. Graves) on the Bozo the Clown show (!) and swept through the decades and Horror offerings, including his own show Creature Feature, various TV, convention & radio appearances and even did guest-spots on  Monster Madhouse Live.

Count Gore de Vol

Still not impressed? Really?

Jeez, you pesky kids – never satisfied, are you?!

Fine, have some more biography stuff (which I definitely didn’t steal off Wikipedia. I just know this stuff, like some kind of freaky horror-pedia Rain Man).

Count Gore de Vol has impressively been involved in a number of ‘firsts’ for horror. Like what? This:

He was the first host in America to broadcast an unedited version of Night of the Living Dead. What a dude.

In 1998 he became the first horror host to present a weekly show on the Internet. The very same show he presents now, 15 years later. Now that’s dedication!

He has also recently been inducted into the Horror Host Hall of Fame. So we’re not alone in thinking this blood-sucking flag-waver of Horror deserves your attention.

Over 40 years of Horror-loving and hosting, Count Gore de Vol has little competition in the longevity stakes, which is no surprise considering he’s a vampire.

He is a real vampire, right? A good one, though, like Edward Cullen. Except not a twat.

Count Gore

With over 40 years of hosting and still going strong, he is simply one of the best horror hosts on the planet. Emily Booth, you’ve got a long way to go…

Yeah, so Count Gore de Vol is awesome. He’s lasted through decades of horror and the decline of many online and horror hosts, surviving and striving online like the sexy vampiric ‘man of the people’ he is!

So why are we gushing all over his undead host of Horror? Well…

Bloody Cuts have had the honour of being championed by this legendary host of Horror in recent months, most recently having him introduce – in his usual enigmatic style – Joel Morgan’s “Death Scenes”.

Check it out below:

Count Gore De Vol presents “Death Scenes!” from Gore De Vol on Vimeo.

Put into the ‘New Blood’ section of his horror-loving website it’s a great honour to be picked out of the hundreds of new horror shorts and introduced with such warmth and admiration. What an intro!

For more “Bloody Cuts meets Count Gore de Vol” videos, check out these two sexy beasts:

Count Gore de Vol introduces Dead Man’s Lake

“Stitches” and “Mother Died;” Two Great Horror Shorts! from Gore De Vol on Vimeo.

So this Blog post is a retrospective, masturbatory thank you in the direction of a man who has championed Horror for decades and now turned his attentions on us, a troop of horror-loving filmmakers from a small wet island near France. And we thoroughly appreciate it.

Thank you, you awesome pale-faced gentleman. We salute you.

Oh, and apparently his real name is Dick Dyszel, but that just sounds ridiculous…

For more information on the ghoulish man himself, check out the below links:

Wikipedia – you might recognize some of this information… they copied ME, not the other way around. Honest.

Official Website – go there. Now.

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February 14th, 2013


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