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February 27th, 2013


Bloody Cuts Goes to Edinburgh!

Kilts, bagpipes, haggis and Sean ‘The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen’ Connery. That’s what most xenophobes think of when they imagine Scotland. Yeah, you. Xenophobic. Smack that on your Scrabble board and weep.

But Scotland is also famous for something else. Something so famous you may’ve forgotten about it, like forgetting Jennifer Aniston was in the original “Leprechaun”…

Scotland is host to the awesome Bootleg Film Festival!

Edinburgh hosts it, to be precise, which is home of the most pierced woman in the world (seriously! We’re talking over 6,000 piercings and at least 500 in her genitalia alone – eat that, fact fans).

Metal-detector-bothering ladies aside, Edinburgh is a fantastically vibrant city famous for some other film festival thing and also something to do with theatre and New Year celebrations. But it’s the Bootleg Film Festival the world should care about!!


Guess who’s coming to town?! No, not Santa but Satan, dressed up as eight deliciously demonic short films created with love, madness, smiles, screaming, passion, violence, genius and a seemingly endless slew of contradictions.

Yes, that’s right film fans, Bloody Cuts is coming to the Bootleg Film Festival in Edinburgh!

Bootleg Film Festival

So what is the Bootleg Film Festival? You don’t know?! For shame!

The Bootleg Film Festival is a celebration of the ‘can do’ attitude of filmmakers, who will sell their souls (and kidneys, grandmothers and teeth) to make something they believe is truly awesome. Bootleg gives them an opportunity to display this in all its tremendous glory.

Originally born in a coffee shop art gallery in 2008, Bootleg has travelled to Swansea, London and even swam all the way to Toronto (yes, the one in Canada). This year Edinburgh’s Bootleg Film Festival is a 3 day festival featuring 10 feature films and 55 short films, special events, Q&A’s, a tour of haunted Edinburgh, live music, rock karaoke and an all singing, all dancing awards ceremony sponsored by Innis & Gunn.

Edinburgh Bootleg Film Festival is also held in a place called The Banshee Labyrinth, which is Edinburgh’s most haunted venue (proven by science. Or at least some kind of ghost science). What more could you want?!

Banshee Labyrinth

Bloody Cuts have the honour of screening ALL EIGHT of our evil slices of terror to the baying masses, including the WORLD PREMIERE of Episode 8 “Don’t Move”.

All eight begin screening at 10pm on Saturday 23rd March, a section 80 minutes long, including a Q&A session afterwards with Bloody Cuts uber-producers Ben Franklin and Anthony Melton, who also directed “Don’t Move”.

This is followed by a 22 minute short called “Bitch”. We’ve not seen it, but presume it’s about [insert hilarious ex-girlfriend joke here].

So… people of the world (and more specifically Edinburgh) please join us in celebrating Bloody Cuts’ history-in-the-making by attending this mad festival of filmic goodness and viewing all 8 of our horrifying shorts back-to-back for the first time.

Everyone’s welcome. Even you. But not the person behind you. Yeah, the one hiding in the cupboard. That one. Yep. The one stabbing you now. Yeah, he’s not invited.

For more details on the Edinburgh Bootleg Film Festival check out the fantastic line-up HERE

See you on the 23rd of March!

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February 27th, 2013


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