“D.I. Collins has a suspected serial killer in custody. But there may be more to his crimes than the Detective imagines…”

Born from an equal love of crime and horror cinema, DEATH SCENES is the 7th film in the 13-part Bloody Cuts anthology. It’s the directorial debut of Bloody Cuts head writer Joel Morgan, and stars Robin Berry in the role of enigmatic suspect ‘John’ and Ayden Callaghan as D.I. Collins, a detective with his own secrets to hide.


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December 12th, 2012

We’ve teased you, tormented you and had some wicked fun.

And now, dear viewer, the hour has almost come.

In a dark stately home, into gothic horrors we delve.

You’ll feel the terror when the clock strikes twelve…

You’ve waited with baited breath and crossed-fingers. You’ve been haunted by images of gothic ghastliness and been teased by the dark possibilities of oncoming terror. You’ve tried so very hard not to suck your thumb…

The wait is nearly over. ‘Suckablood’ arrives at Midnight tonight.

The 5th episode of Bloody Cuts Horror anthology is a dark, gothic bed-time story directed by Ben Tillett and Jake Cuddihy, winners of the 2011 SCIFILONDON 48 hour Film Challenge for their short ‘The Intention of Miles’.

Sponsors Neill Gorton and Millennium FX have previously provided the special make-up and FX seen in ‘Prey’ and ‘Mother Died’ and have once again brought our nightmares to life with a horrific creation for ‘Suckablood.’

‘Suckablood’ can be viewed here on our site or in glorious HD on our YouTube Channel. We trust you’ll enjoy the follow up to ‘Mother Died’, so please share, tweet and scream about it.

We’re only 5 episodes into our anthology of 13 short UK Horror films and believe us there are many more terrors to come…

SuckaBlood - Teaser Poster

Suckablood Teaser Poster

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June 16th, 2012

If there’s one thing the fiends at Bloody Cuts love more than a great Horror film – it’s a great Horror Host!

Esteemed undead television host Count Gore De Vol was kind enough to feature ‘Stitches‘ and ‘Mother Died‘ as part of his Internet show ‘Creature Feature’.

Dear Count, should you find yourself aboard a steamer heading for the Old World, fear not – your loyal subjects at Bloody Cuts will have some tasty English virgins awaiting you… Or a pint of ale at the very least.

Looking for more of our favourite vampiric host?  Why not visit The Count’s digital crypt at ?

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June 9th, 2012

From the dark corners of the internet comes some blood soaked compliments from the Count Gore Devol of two of our horror shorts; Stitches and Mother Died. Read more horrifying comments on the horror genre in his doomed drenched dungeon.

And if you want to learn a little bit more about the coffin that the Count is spawned from… watch this:

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June 7th, 2012

Christabel Franklin works on Holly Jacobson’s make-up ready for a “Critical shot” in SuckaBlood, the fifth episode in the Bloody Cuts Anthology of short horror films…

Make-Up on SuckaBlood

Photography by Ben Jacobson


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June 6th, 2012

We thought it was time we shone some light into the minds of those responsible for our short slices of horror. First up is Jonny Franklin, DOP on ‘Stitches’ and Director on the forthcoming ‘Prey’ …

What is your role within the Bloody Cuts team?

My role in the team is mainly Director of Photography (DOP). This means I chose the look of the film, deciding the type of camera, lenses, and lighting used on a production. The role starts with the script, reading it and and getting a feeling for the film. You then speak to the director who might have his/her own view on how it should look, then take that all into account and begin to piece together what you will need for the film.

I like to take some time thinking about each scene, and generally do a lot of mapping out of the location to plan for camera moves and lighting and draw it all down on paper. Once I am happy with it, I pass it onto the lighting and camera teams so they know what to expect on the day.

I also directed ‘Prey’ – Episode 3 in the series – which will be coming soon!

How did you get involved with Bloody Cuts?

I was one of the co-creators of Bloody Cuts. It really started with the love of horror that me and my brother Ben had when we were growing up. We decided we had to do our own so we stuck our heads together. Ben came up with the idea of making a series, and it just grew from there.

What attracted you to Horror Film Making?

I grew up with horror, and I feel that the UK used to make some of the best horrors of their time. I would like to see horror come back to the UK. I also grew up watching programs like Tales from the Crypt and The Outer Limits, which I used to love. I don’t think there are many programs on TV now that really have the contained stories like they used to. This is what we’re trying to do with Bloody Cuts, make an anthology of short and completely different stories.

Any favourite Horror Films or Directors?

My favourite horror movies when growing up were the ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ films; I used to watch them all the time! I liked all the slasher movies! I also used love watching not so well know horrors like Peter Jacksons ‘Brain Dead’ and ‘Bad Taste’, and cult films like ‘Troll’.

These days I’ve enjoyed films like ‘Alien’, ‘Insidious’, ‘The Shining’, ‘Paranormal Activity’, ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’ and ‘Let the Right One In’ … I like horrors that are a little different.

My favourite directors are Peter Jackson, Stanley Kubrick, Guillermo del Toro, JJ Abrams, Wes Craven, Ridley Scott, The Pang Brothers, Tobe Hooper, Neil Marshall, Alfred Hitchcock, the list goes on……

Thanks to Jonny for being the first victim in our Q and A series. Keep checking back for more interviews with the team behind Bloody Cuts…

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November 17th, 2011

October 21st, 2011


Stitches Strikes Back!

To celebrate ‘Stitches’ hitting 10,000 views on Youtube here’s some awesome evil clown mayhem from team member Kel Winser.

Make sure to check out his work at and .

You’ll be seeing more of his work as the teasers for Bloody Cuts Episode 3 will be bleeding onto your screen very soon …

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October 21st, 2011

It’s with perverse pleasure that we can announce that ‘Stitches’ the 2nd film in the Bloody Cuts anthology series, has reached 10,000 views on Youtube. This is a massive milestone for the team and shows there’s a very real audience for our British brand of low-budget horror film making.

We’d like to thank everyone who’s watched ‘Stitches’ and supported us, we’ve had some great reviews and comments which is fantastic.

If you’ve enjoyed our work then please check out our IndieGoGo campaign. We’re only just beginning to show what we can do with the short horror film and desperately want to complete the series. We need your help to do this. You can contribute from just $1 and there are great incentives and rewards for your support!

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October 21st, 2011


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