You know those announcements that announce something you already knew? Yeah? This is one of those! Hey, it’s important to Bloody Cuts, so… yeah. Get over it.

Dare - Bloody Cuts

We have finally put DARE on the official Bloody Cuts website, complete with full cast and crew details and the awesome Behind The Scenes, which delves into the messy, dirty, dead-birdy madness that was creating our example short for the first ever Bloody Cuts Film Challenge.

Want to know how we made Dare? Check out of the Behind the Scenes! It’s genuinely quite informative.

For those who haven’t seen Dare (get out! Heathen scum!) then check it out below. This set a bar for those filmmakers looking to enter the Who’s There Challenge, and they took a running leap right over it.

Talking of which…

Because we’re not completely egocentrically self-involved the Bloody Cuts Film Challenge page is also dedicated to the quality filmmaking from the winners of the Bloody Cuts Horror Challenge, including the Top 3, the Top 6 and the Awards winners.

Check them out HERE. Go on, you know you want to. Unless you don’t like Horror then… what are you doing on a site called “Bloody Cuts”? No, we’re not a butchers.

Congratulations to all the winners and also to everyone who created and entered a short into our competition. It was a phenomenal response and we caught a solid glimpse of the future of Horror filmmaking. See you in the future, you brilliant bastards.

A final thanks to all of our sponsors, without whom the challenge would not have been possible. The support from the folks listed below is critical in delivering a very tangible and attractive spread of rewards and prizes.

Bloody Cuts Short Horror Film Challenge Sponsors

We are currently looking for Sponsors and Affiliates to potentially join and support us on the next Bloody Cuts Horror Challenge.

Fancy it? Get in contact!

This year’s challenge has raised millions of impressions for the brands featured in the competition and we hope with a similar level of generosity that we can put on another BC Horror Challenge later in the year.

Bloody Cuts is still running off the good will and generosity of its contributors and affiliates, and we’ll need that continued support to be able to announce and confirm the next completion.

At this moment in time there are no set dates for the next BC Horror Challenge, but if and when this becomes concrete, we’ll throw it out to the world far and wide, hell.. we might even tie Scullion to a church spire and make him shout about it until his ears bleed…

If you are interested in signing a pact with the devil (In the nicest possible way of course) then drop us a line and we’d love to discuss what may lie ahead for 2014/15. Contact the BC Horror Challenge team here.



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March 29th, 2014

Lights Out - Bloody Cuts Best Director - BC Horror Challenge

Huge congratulations to David F. Sandberg and his team for smashing the 1 million mark on Vimeo with their excellent horror short ‘Lights Out’, which was applauded with the Best Director award in the Bloody Cuts Horror Challenge.

It’s awesome that the film is getting so much well deserved recognition, hurrah, whoop whoop and well done.

If you like what you see and still have the nerve for more, then please stop by and check out the rest of the finalists and award winners… and if you haven’t yet opened the Bloody Cuts crypt of fiendish delight, then click your boney fingers right here…. IF YOU DARE….

Lights Out – Who’s There Film Challenge (2013) from David F. Sandberg on Vimeo.

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March 18th, 2014


It is time.


The votes are in. Counted. Double checked.


Triple checked.


The winner has been decided.


The awards have been chosen.


No waffle, fluff or hyperbole.


Just the winners.




Let’s go –






Title: Play Time

Written / Directed by: Ryan Thompson

Location: England

OVER $9500 in prizes (Full details here)




Title: A…

Written / Directed by: Peter Czikrai

Location: Slovakia

OVER $1600 in prizes (Full details here)




Title: Invectum

Written / Directed by: Adam-Gabriel Belley-Côté and Francis Fortin

Location: Canada

OVER $600 in prizes (Full details here)





Chosen from over 280 entries, these awards represent the individual achievements of filmmakers, as voted for by our individual judges chosen specifically for each category.

Please note: these awards were chosen by the awards judges, without them knowing the result of the ‘Top 6’ shorts or the other awards.


Best Acting

Lisa Sumiyoshi


Prize: The generous folks over at are giving away a 1 year membership to their invaluable network for independent filmmakers as a prize to the winner of this award (UK only).

Best Cinematography

Gerald Schank


Prize: The generous folks over at are giving away a 1 year membership to their invaluable network for independent filmmakers as a prize to the winner of this award (UK only).

Best Director

David Sandberg

Lights Out

PRIZE: 1 year subscription to Celtx Edge

Best Editing

Andrew Hoffman


PRIZE: a copy of Final Cut Pro X Video Training from Ripple Training

Best Effects

Jennifer Dionne, Rémy Couture & Sébastien Montpetit


PRIZE: As an extra special prize, Rampant Design Tools have given us a copy of their “MonsterFX Undead” visual effects creature kit, to go to the winner of this award

Best Grading

Ryan Thompson

Play Time

PRIZE: Flanders Scientific are going to award the winner of this award with a magnificent CM171 17” Professional Grading Monitor.

Best Sound

Ryan Thompson

Play Time

PRIZE: an amazing bundle of Horror SFX packs from the fantastic sound library at

Best Writing

Alistair Quak

Post It

Prize: 1 year subscription to Celtx Edge

So… that’s it.


Congratulations to the winners and to ALL the filmmakers who created so many amazing short films. The judges – all of them – were blown away by the range, quality, depth, talent and originality on display.

Following this Blog post, over the next couple of weeks our judges will be revealing why they chose the winners of each award, chatting about the ‘runners up’ and honourable mentions, alongside defining what makes a good ‘script’ or ‘edit’ etc…, giving an insight into the award judging process.

The winners will be contacted within the next week regarding delivery of prizes etc… but feel free to contact us if you’re one of the prize winners and let us know delivery addresses etc…

Once again, a MASSIVE thank you to every single person who entered a short film into the Bloody Cuts Film Challenge 2013. You are the future of Horror.

We hope you’ve been as inspired as we have.

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February 23rd, 2014

A number of Who’s There Challenge filmmakers have contacted us recently, rightfully questioning one of the most-flouted Term & Conditions, which is the following:

“18. All submissions must have the 5 second TITLE CARD at the beginning of the short. This is downloadable from the competition website. This Title Card cannot be altered, tampered with or displayed with any sound; doing so would lead to immediate disqualification.”

It is the “displayed with any sound” section that has caused some confusion and frustration.

A number of entries were submitted with sound under the Title Card, but we realized this confusion was undoubtedly caused by our example film “Dare”, which also features sound under the Title Card.

This was an error on our part, and we apologise for the confusion.

It was only after we received all entries that we noticed this rule wasn’t 100% adhered to on some occasions, so there was little we could do about correcting or amending the Terms & Conditions (posthumously, so to speak…) and certainly didn’t want to automatically disqualify a number of entries because of this.

However, we can confirm that having sound under the Title Card has not negatively or positively impacted our overall judging decisions in ANY WAY.

All entries with or without sound under the Title Card shall be considered for the Final 6, but rest assured that the additional five seconds of additional sound (I’m sure you’ll agree) hasn’t vastly improved or ruined any entries chances in any way.

We hope this clears up any issues / questions / queries etc… in regards to this, and apologies for creating any confusion over the rules.


…onto the Final 6.

The Final 6 shorts will be revealed on Sunday 27th January at 6pm GMT!

50 great films to choose from
6 Films to be chosen
2 Days to go


Be ready.

Bloody Cuts Short Horror Film Challenge Sponsors


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January 24th, 2014

BC Horror Film Challenge - Top 50

The films have been watched. The votes have been discussed. The films have been re-watched. The judges argued. Table-slapped. Yelled. Had a fight.

There was crying. Hair-pulling. Cup bending. Exasperated fist-shaking. Anthony bit someone’s nose. Ben disowned his brother. Jonny didn’t care. Dave lost his fake hand somewhere in the melee.

This was – in all seriousness – the toughest decision we’ve had to make, in our lives. Ever.

The selection of talent out there was outstanding. The films, fantastic.

We judged the shorts on a HUGE amount of factors, from writing, directing, cinematography to grading, acting, SFX and theme.

But the Top 50 has been decided. And it cannot be un-decided.

Over 280 entries whittled down to 50. That’s over 230 groups of filmmakers – hardworking, talented people – that we’re leaving disappointed and saddened (and maybe a little angry?).

Rest assured, your work was watched and considered and appreciated. The hard work is there on the screen, on all the entries.

We wish everyone could win, but then that’d be a pretty lame competition…


This is it. The time to reveal it.
Prepare yourself.
The list is coming.
 In alphabetical order. By film title.




999 – Submitted by: Stephem Oxborrow

A… – Submitted by: Peter Czikrai

Abominio – Submitted by: Lorenzo Fassina

Archive 361 – Submitted by: Desislav Angelov

Behind Closed Doors – Submitted by: Stanislava Beuvich

Behind The Door – Submitted by: Baylea Hart

Book vs an Antiquarian – Submitted by: Stanislava Beuvich

The Burner – Submitted by: Colin Watts

Chestwyrm – Submitted by: Gary Rogers

Cut – Submitted by: Peter Lemper

D.S. – Submitted by: Federico Sfascia

Departure – Submitted by: John Lipartito

Devil Woods – Submitted by: Yvette Solis

Dispossessed – Submitted by: Andrew Hoffman

The Divide – Submitted by: Imanuel Thallinger

Don’t Look At Me – Submitted by: Ash Beheshti

Emerentia – Submitted by: Shams Abou El Enein

Fear, INC – Submitted by: Vincent Masciale

Free – Submitted by: Derek King

Frostbite – Submitted by: Josh Thays

GhostFace – Submitted by: Luka Belle

Harvest – Submitted by: Craig-James Craig-James

Headshot – Submitted by: Ryan Wolfe

Hypnosis – Submitted by: Wyatt Irmen

Invectum – Submitted by: Adam-Gabriel Belley

Juice – Submitted by: Midian Crosby

Lights Out – Submitted by: David Sandberg

The Lost Ones – Submitted by: Marko Grujic

Love Me Again! – Submitted by: Abdullah Jassin Kadiri

Malware – Submitted by: Sachan Nathan

The Monster – Submitted by: Sebastian Khayat

Open House – Submitted by: Richard Northwood

Play Dead with Me – Submitted by: Chaz Schoenbeck

Play Time – Submitted by: Ryan Thompson

Possessed Forklift of Death – Submitted by: Levi Caleb Smith

Post It – Submitted by: Alistair Quak

Pripyat – Submitted by:   Chris Lodge

The Psychopath – Submitted by: Chris Stone

Rainy Nights – Submitted by: Richard Greenwood Jr

Rat, The – Submitted by: Andreas Wißkirchen

Roshambo – Submitted by: Dean Q. Mitchell

Samaritan – Submitted by: Brian Lillie

Shackled – Submitted by: Stephen Wise

Sins of the Father – Submitted by: Adam Milicevic

Slasher – Submitted by: Basil Beyah

Stranger – Submitted by: Geoff Stebbins

Suckin Face – Submitted by: Jesse James Hennessy

Who’s There? – Submitted by: Gene Blalock

Who’s There? – Submitted by: Steven Bray

The Workshop– Submitted by: Asim Chitrakar


Congratulations to those who’ve hit the Top 50.


6 of those Top 50 films above will be chosen as the TOP 6 finalists and will be judged by our panel of industry experts; Joe Dante, Marcus Dunstan, Patrick Melton, Drew Daywalt, Gale Anne Hurd, Soska Sisters, Sam McCurdy, Ryan Connolly, Neill Gorton and Scott Beggs.

The TOP 6 will be revealed at 6pm GMT on Sunday 26th January 2014.

Before anyone asks – to pre-empt this! – we cannot give individual feedback on shorts that did not (and did) make the Top 50. Due to the volume of entries and the busy behind-the-scenes process we’re currently going through, we simply won’t have the time to give decent and detailed feedback.

Thank you – once again – to everyone involved and THANK YOU for entering the Who’s There Horror Film Challenge 2013. It has been – genuinely – emotional.

The TOP 6 will be revealed at 6pm GMT on Sunday 26th January 2014.


Bloody Cuts Short Horror Film Challenge Sponsors

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January 18th, 2014

Don’t Move will continue to terrorize 2014 at the 7th British Shorts Film Festival in Berlin, Germany. Huge thanks to the good folks at “British Shorts” for the selection, we really value the support and exposure.

Here’s to hoping ‘Don’t Move: Ep8 of Bloody Cuts’ tears the roof off, and maybe something else n’all…

If your in the area around (17th-20th January 2014), then check out the schedule here to feast on the cinematic treats on show.

To stay updated about the festival’s screenings and events check out the official website and the facebook page


Poster Art by Marc Schoenbach of Sadist Art

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January 3rd, 2014
Clink clink clink CLUNK.


That is the sound of the portcullis slamming closed at Bloody Cuts Towers.

The Who’s There Challenge 2013 competition is closed.

No matter how many goats you sacrifice or how much cake you send us, we cannot accept any more entries.

It is over.

How was it? From our point of view it’s been absolutely bloody fantastic and awe-inspiring.

We knew there was talent, invention, skill and imagination out there, but this competition has taught us that the world is FULL of amazing filmmakers waiting to be found. Hopefully our little challenge can help them be discovered by the world.

Now the hard part – for us, anyway! – begins as the Bloody Cuts Team have to watch every single entry multiple times and decide (somehow) which 6 are the best!

This will be an impossibly tough task considering the quality on display. There will be debates, arguments, discussions and probably some knife-fights.

Due to the fantastic volume of submissions, we’ve had to split the entries into two alphabetical groups:

See what we mean? It’s going to be a very hard competition to judge.

On January 26th 2014 will be announce the top 6 entries as judged by Bloody Cuts, which will then go on to be judged by our panel of industry experts.
The waiting game begins…
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December 31st, 2013

Have you seen our Behind the Scenes on Dare yet?


Check it out!

Talking of BTS (that’s what the cool kids call it…) we have received another bloodsack full of images, trailers, photos, posters and BTS (see, cool huh?!) stuff from some of the filmmakers busy making their competition entries.

Check ‘em out here:

 “WhoHoo the Clown” sent in by Richard Carter

 Sent in by Luke Zwanziger

 Sent in by JB Torres Medina

 Sent in by Cedric Koh

Sent in by M. Karina Prado

Sent in by Maggie

Sent in by Adam Milicevic

Sent in by Richard Northwood

Sent in by Neil Stevens

Sent in by Matthew McComish

Sent in by Brian Bevel

Sent in by JS Marsolais

Yes, a freakin’ zombie antelope! Our Christmas wish came true! Thank you, insane Santa Claus. Tis the season to be jolly! And evil. And to drink mulled wine.

We hope you’re all ready for the Christmas period… and the Who’s There Film Challenge deadline day.

30th December is rapidly approaching, like a psychotic rollerblading, red-nosed reindeer wielding a machete made of dead girls’ souls. Don’t honk his nose. He hates that.

For those still beavering away on your entries, we wish you the best of luck, skill, positive magical interference and fun (yes, we wish you the ‘best of fun’. And no, we have no idea what that means. We blame the mulled wine).


Only 10 days to go.

 10 days
Fix up
Look sharp
Less than two weeks
The end is in sight
Bring us your terrors
And maybe some mulled wine
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December 21st, 2013

He heheheh haaa heehehe hhe ehheeeeee….. Mr Stitches here…

Here’s a few images sent in to BC towers that were paper clipped to the back of the most delicate of threats.  These bold filmmakers aren’t afraid to show there grizzly bits and intent to enter the ‘Bloody Cuts: Who’s There! Horror Short Film Challenge 2013′.

Check these out, and don’t forget to send in your own threats of intent and help us shout from the rooftops about ‘Who’s There’… We’d love to see who’s doing what, how it’s going and what to expect from the hundreds of talented filmmakers busy making something truly scary.

Drop us a Tweet, slap us a Facebook message or even e-mail us on and let us know what’s happening! We’d love to share the madness with our followers / crazy-stalkers.

Anna Katrine - Bloody Cuts: Horror Short Film Challenge 2013

Anna Katrine - Bloody Cuts: Horror Short Film Challenge 2013

Sent in by Anna Katrine


Jacob Leger - Bloody Cuts: Horror Short Film Challenge

Sent in by Jacob Leger


Dirty Tape Productions - Bloody Cuts: Horror Short Film Challenge

Dirty Tape Productions - Bloody Cuts: Horror Short Film Challenge

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November 30th, 2013

Bloody Cuts have launched a worldwide short film competition at for horror filmmakers and fans. The challenge? Create a terrifying 3 minute short horror film based on the theme of “Who’s There?”

So who’s there? Bloody Cuts!

Bloody Cuts are a UK-based production company that have been busy creating an online anthology of short horror films. Their shorts have played all over the world at festivals including Raindance, Texas Frightmare, LA Screamfest and Toronto After Dark, and their collected short horror films have received over 750,000 views online so far.

Having received so much support from the industry and horror fans worldwide, they thought it was time to give a ‘little’ something back. Producer Ben Franklin says “Bloody Cuts was originally created following an entry we’d made ourselves into a similar competition a few years back, so we hope to inspire other filmmakers to follow a similar path, and reward them in doing so too.”

So who’s there? Prizes!

Dozens of sponsors from all over the film industry are giving away well over $13,000 worth of equipment, software, merchandise and more as exclusive prizes for the competition. There are also individual awards and prizes for directing, writing, grading and a variety of other technical skills. Combined with a first prize valued at over $8,500 it means “Who’s There?” has one of the biggest prize pots ever committed to a short film competition.

So who’s there? Judges!

Boasting a panel where the word ‘expert’ is genuinely an understatement, the competition judges are “Gremlins” director Joe Dante, indie-horror stars the Soska Sisters, Hollywood producer Gale Anne Hurd, horror writer / director Marcus Dunstan, horror writer Patrick Melton, award-winning special effects maestro Neill Gorton, “Film School Rejects” managing editor Scott Beggs, world-class cinematographer Sam McCurdy, “Film State” and “Film Riot” host Ryan Connolly and “Daywalt Horror” creator and Best Selling Author Drew Daywalt!

Bloody Cuts producer Anthony Melton says “We’re exceedingly thankful to all of our judges and sponsors that have jumped onboard to support independent short filmmaking. And we wish all entrants the very best of luck… Or should I say break some legs….”

So who’s there? Filmmakers!

Thousands of them. Skilled, talented and ready to take the challenge. People like you. Bloody Cuts are looking for filmmakers all over the globe, to create terrifying 3 minute horror films based on the theme “Who’s There?”, submitting them by December 30th 2013 for a raft of prizes and worldwide industry recognition. Jonny Franklin, Bloody Cuts DP has these final words to say: “We’re very excited to see what talent is out there, and what nightmares they have in store for us!”

So, December 30th? That’s less than two months away… Grab your scripts. Hunt down that cast. Pick up those cameras. Create something terrifying.

So who’s there? The Competition!

To find out precisely who’s there, check out the full competition details at and watch the introductory video featuring producers Ben Franklin, Anthony Melton and Jonathan Franklin.

So who’s there? An Exclusive Short…

Bloody Cuts have also created their own short especially for the launch of the competition. Sticking to the competition rules, “Dare” is a haunted house POV horror short that sets the bar for other filmmakers to aim at… and clamber over, kicking and screaming. Check out “Dare” on the competition website:

 So who’s there? Sponsors!

A competition is nothing without its prizes and Bloody Cuts are proud to announce their sponsors are:

Millennium FX, Red Giant,, Celtx,, TaoOfColor, Blackmagic, Kessler, Rode Mics, Raindance, Glidecam, Red Rock Micro, Flanders Scientific, American Cinematographer, Scream Magazine, Atomos, Boris FX, Fright Rags, Film School Rejects, Rampant Design Tools, Ripple Training, Grindstore, Onsight, Take 2, Pixipixel, Carey Dodd Associates and Fetch.

You can also stay up-to-date on all things Bloody Cuts via the official Twitter: @bloodycutsfilms and Facebook Page:

Hashtags to use are: #whosthere and #bloodycuts

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October 31st, 2013
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